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Corona virus news:

Nasal Swab may

prevent corona virus.

Nasal swab manufacturers

1.  Idabel, OK -- DonnaCo, Copper/aluminum
2.  Arkansas -- BrenCo, Copper/aluminum
3.  Texas -- LERTX, Silver
4.  Valliant, OK -- GaryCo, Copper/aluminum
5.  California -- DawnCo, Copper/aluminum
6.  England -- MarCo, Silver

More than 900 units are being used by the public, as of April 10, 2020.  No colds, flu, or coronavirus has been reported by any of the users.

Click the PDF button for more info.

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Optical SETI

New technology offers a method for using low-cost (DIY) hardware for obtaining photos of UFOs.  This method uses a motion detection system so that video recording uses memory only when an object is moving in the field of view.

An excellent project for masters or PhD researchers ... or, for a DYI project costing less than $100.  For more info, please click on the PDF icon.

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Nano metal oxide manufacturing

New technology offers a method for transforming any metal into nanoparticles.  The nanoparticles are oxide molecules, formed one molecule at a time, at a very high rate of production.  The above photo shows lead oxide in the form of nanoparticles.  The process is simply an electrochemical oxidation using the ACE technology.  The process can be done at any scale of production.  Lead, zinc, aluminum and other metals have been transformed from metal to metal-oxide nanoparticles using this new low-cost process.  Details and technology transfer are free to any company who might want to commercialize this method for the production of nano-metal-oxides.

For more info, ask for the ACE2.pdf document.

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Artificial Intelligence

and price forecasting of stocks and mutual funds

Regarding interest in the use of AI, here are some references for papers I have written / presented:

"Adaptive Forecasting and Early Trend Detection Using Learn-and-Optimize, Functional Analysis and Filtering," by Howard Phillips and R. Z. Makki, International Symposium on Forecasting, Istanbul, Turkey, June 24, 1996. Conference Record, page 37.

"Forecasting Accuracy - A Standard Method of Calculation Proposed for Forecasts of Multiple Parameters," by Howard Phillips and R. Z. Makki, International Symposium on Forecasting, Istanbul, Turkey, June 24, 1996, Conference Record, page 99.

"Creating Prices for System Testing," published in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine, by Howard Phillips, February 1989, pp 24-26.

"Financial Forecasting Using Adaptive Signal Processing In A Multidisciplinary Design Environment," by D. H. Phillips, C. D. Abernathy (my PhD student), and B. K. Lambert (my M.S. student), presented at the International Conference on Signal Processing Applications & Technology, Dallas, Texas, 10/19/00.

"Creating An Adaptive Market Forecasting Methodology To Effectively Anticipate Changes To Your Target Market," by Howard Phillips, Strategic Market Forecasting Conference, Institute for International Research, New Orleans, LA September 15, 1998.

"Forecasting the Growth of the Communications Industry Relative to Other Business Sectors," by D. H. Phillips, Conference Record, Market Forecasting for the Telecommunications Industry, New Orleans, LA, 9/29-30/97.

"Global Business and Investment Decisions Using Artificial Intelligence Forecasting," by D. H. Phillips, S. A. Moore, and J. D. Warfel, Global Business National Conference, Dallas, Texas, November 23, 1996.

"Practical Ways to Interpret Price Forecasts and Invest Profitably," International Association of Business Forecasters, San Antonio, Texas, May 3, 1996.

Tutorial session: "Interpreting Price Forecasts and Investing Profitably," by Howard Phillips, International Association of Business Forecasters, San Antonio, Texas, May 3, 1996.

"Adaptive Forecasts for the Communications Industry," by Howard Phillips, International Communications Forecasting Conference, Dallas, Texas, April 18, 1996.

"Artificial Intelligence and Forecasting Theory," by Howard Phillips,  presented at INFO EXPO, January 21, 1995, Raleigh, NC.

"Adaptive Program Trading - Artificial Intelligence Research for Applications in Financial Transaction Management and Program Trading," by Howard Phillips, North Carolina Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Research Triangle Park, NC, February 17, 1989.

For more info, a complete listing of my publications and presentations is available on ABOUT US page, on my web site:

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For more info,

please see the

PDF document.

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Telepathic Communication


More than a century ago, before the invention of the telegraph and radio, those methods of communication may have been considered telepathic in nature.

I am studying the field of telepathic communications from the standpoint of engineering and science.  Forms of telepathic communication include prayer, remote viewing and ESP. 


For science-based discussion, see the following:

"Science and the taboo of psi" with Dean Radin:
Scientific Evidence for Telepathy Rupert Sheldrake --
Remote Viewing and Statistical Evaluation
Controlled laboratory studies in universities and industry, including formerly classified work for the U.S government.  Scientific research demonstrating that anyone can sense others’ emotions and intentions from a distance; by Dean Radin, PhD --
For Remote Viewing learning and practice, see the following:
Learn How To Remote View In Less Than 20 Minutes!
| Practice Exercise At The End
For related information, see the following:
How to learn to meditate:;_ylt=AwrCxGF_U95ftBkALA0PxQt.;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Nj?p=you+tube+access+the+akashic+records+to+learn+your+soul+name+and+purpose&fr=yhs-pty-browser_converter&hspart=pty&hsimp=yhs-browser_converter&guccounter=1&guce_referrer=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_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&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAKUH12AYiAEQ44_N1Wzq8bm5XeKnyh-0CEBj6eu6AtohiNMZlmxfpxf9yhn0ihqU5uh8GzS9C3ZsfhszdTJj7Tl5OhMXA0JKoqAnOuiU0f6v5ZtimWveAjc0EW_F-JOv1xcNwFiifWuGpriWSx0uTzTOjfIVojgl5kKLyowhg4zY#id=1&vid=b8b35af652e46d33603409185006857e&action=view
The Extended Mind:  Recent Experimental Evidence


Best ham radio antenna

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Use of coal to produce heat for large power plants, with virtually no CO2 production

The above system is described in a full-length file.  To download the file, click the icon at the right.  Allow a few minutes for downloading.  This file is large.

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